Thursday, 15 May 2014

10 things I hate about Libyan drivers

1- Driving and talking on cell phones resulting in crappy driving.

2- Dangling their hands out of the window and driving with one hand (my theory says that they just want to dry their arm pits).
3- Wrapping one arm around the seat and acting like the Night Rider.

4- Honking and switching lights for you to move when the traffic is stuck infront of you and you can't move in any direction.

5- Sliding out from a street to a road without even looking if any cars are coming.

6- Two drivers in their cars parked in the middle of the road chit chatting and resulting in traffic jam behind them, and they really don’t’ care.

7- If you’re a woman then he is arrogantly gonna start the “I don’t know why they give driving licenses to women!” to his friends , add to that the stunts he performs just to prove that your no better driver than he is.

8- At a parking lot your aiming for that clear space when he comes and glides his car right in that spot and acts like daddy long ears a.k.a well you know this one!

9- In wide clear roads they literally go bongos and nothing can stop them… thank God for road bumps!

10- The Look! He passes next to you and gives you that glare just to prove to you that if he wanted to kill bump you he could’ve done it.